Slot machines have been around since the 1800s, and were originally installed in casinos and niche-market shops like department stores. Nowadays, slot machines are still around, although larger slot machines are often sold as Courage or King Cash Wrest in casinos worldwide.

Bandit slots are by far the most common slot machine type on the market. Typically seen on video slot machines, bandits get their name from the fact that the machines have a slot in the middle of them, normally a coin slot. When players insert a coin (or a bar-coded payment chip) into this slot, a round ball form moves around the center of the machine. When the round ball lands on the round center, the player gets a winning combination or the jackpot.

bandits have various payouts. Their payout percentages are identical to regular slots except for a few that are specifically mentioned.

The best machines are named after famous TV characters, usually the ones that havePersonalities. Remember the Vikings’Gold bars machine? That was named appropriately – Gold and Coin. Likewise, therequency Factorbit famous in Las Vegas is named after a piece of equipment called a frequency analyzer.

If you’ve noticed a machine that’s not a jackpot reel, it’s not a slot machine. It must be a specialty slot.

The top two reels on a land-based casino slot are marked with satisfied gamblers holding chips. The chips are the top prizes because playing on these machines pays out more than playing on regular slots. Unfortunately, the casino has instituted a policy that the best payout percentages on their machines will not be publicized. This means that if you see a slot machine that is paying off more than it should be, you’re not cheating. Cheating is illegal.

Casino goers know that casinos maximize their profits by offering worse payback percentages on their machines. As a result, jobless casino employees, neighborhood watch volunteers, and others who like to play slot machines in Las Vegas know that the best odds are paid at casinos that advertise their best payback percentages.

So when you’re ready to play big jackpots, hand over your cash and go to the casino that best offers your best payback percentage.

A few of the better Las Vegas slot machines are as follows:

The best improvement over a machine is generally found at a higher priced machine. Most Las Vegas slot machines are priced between $0.50 and $1.00. The higher priced a machine is generally a better machine than the lower priced ones because the casino’s take on the machine is higher. Therefore you can play the higher quality machines for longer before losing your bankroll.

The nicer casinos will have some free machines; these are located in high traffic areas. Playing on the free machines near a casino’s entrance will not give you the full advantage of the machine, because the casinos’ floor employees or security will not want you to play too long. The best casinos for playing longer will have their free machines near the bubble shows, because most of the people who like to hang out in the casino will be walking around the casino while playing.

Always play carefully with Slot machines that have higher payouts. These are the machines that will help you to save all your bankroll.

Another place to look for high quality machines is at online casinos. Be sure to play on gaming machines that offer higher payouts.

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